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Plot No. 25,6 Street Number 17, near Swarn Cinema, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara, East Delhi, Delhi 110032, India


VIA NET MEDIA DIGITAL STUDIO CONTROL ROOMVianet Media studio has set up in 2015, Where we can provide translation and recording services. Our Studio Control Room features a full Solid State Logic (SSL) Duality 48 channel recording and mixing console. In addition to the console, we have a wide variety of outboard gear to handle all of our other analogue based needs including microphone preamps, equalizers, compressors, and effects.The control room has speaker lines and instrument lines that run to all of the recording rooms for those artists that like to play in the control room rather than next to their noisy instruments or amplifiers. With our silent A/C, dim lighting, and plush leather chairs, you can sit back and relax during the entire process!SSL DUALITY EQUIPPED:Anybody that knows anything about recording and mixing music will tell you that Solid State Logic (SSL) consoles are the boards that have changed the sound of music! Each channel on the board has an independent dynamics section which includes a compressor, gate, and expander. In addition to the classic dynamics section, each channel has a versatile equalizer with both e and g series eq modes, and two stereo aux sends with four additional mono aux sends. This console is perfect for recording and mixing.HOUSE INSTRUMENTVianet Media have 5 Piece house drum set for sessions in need of live drums as well as a full acoustic to electronic trigger conversion kit for groups that require tighter sounds offered by software sample libraries. The studio also has several guitars, acoustic guitars, and bass's available for those musicians looking to create a unique combination of sounds. In addition to instruments, the control room is fitted with a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and a Marshal JVM 410h amplifier run to a Mesa Boogie 4×12 cabinet. Additional required instruments and amplifiers must be provided by the musicians.


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  • Plot No. 25,6 Street Number 17, near Swarn Cinema, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara, East Delhi, Delhi 110032, India
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